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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

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The sales team is the "Revenue Engine" for an organization. In other words, they play a vital role to regulate profitability. So, equipping them with the right tools become important for the CXOs. One such key tool for the sales team is CRM Software.

Hundreds of product companies globally are developing such software. Finding out the right fit application becomes difficult for team leaders. Once you start searching the same over Search Engine like Google then Google AdWords win the battle.

Just to help you to understand different aspects of CRM, let me do a complete analysis of the features associated with an ideal CRM. Here we go:

What is CRM?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. CRM applications or software helps to manage the customer data by capturing the required information along with the time and interactions detail to prepare the MIS for an organization.

Why is CRM important?

Sales Management is an important business process where you need to hunt and firm the customers to generate revenue for the organization. Sales can be categorized by Pre-Sales, Sales and Post-Sales or a process to convert an inquiry into cash. To command over all the inputs during this process you need to keep the data in an organized manner, for a proper application is required. It might be a simple Excel Sheet or might be a very advanced ERP that can suffice your needs.

What are the Pillars of CRM?

If CRM is a Platform with three pillars, then here are those with their constituents. We assume the constituents as the features of a CRM.

Feature Discussion:

A. Operational

  • Sales Automation: Under Sales Automation, many CRMs provide Lead/ Inquiry/ Raw Data, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities/ Prospect/ Deal modules/ Qualified Lead and a few other related modules. These modules usually talk to each other to enter and convert the data using workflows as the sales process demands.

  • Marketing Automation: To generate new leads and to nurture/ educate them, people use marketing automation. Sending event or workflow-based email campaigns and addressing them utilizing response filters are part of this. Sending Auto-responders through CRM keeps your target audience engaged with you. A most recommended feature for a good CRM.

  • Service Automation: Firming is usually more difficult than hunting in many businesses. “Quality of Service” is a major parameter that helps you to convert a customer into a Loyal One. Organizations invest a lot to make their customers happy but the degree of relationship/ account management, addressing pain points differs from employee to employee. So, with the help of automation like Self Service Portals, progress-notifications for both service seekers and providers, defining SLA in the system can reduce human errors too.

B. Analytical:

  • Data Mining: For what you pay for a CRM is the Data and its Library. So, the enrichment of data gives you a 360-degree view of your sales opportunities. You usually create certain fields or integrate your channels to capture those data or with manual entries. Hence, this feature is a must for CRM for any business.

  • Data Gathering: Sales reps invest a lot of billable time on Data Research or Data Mining. Let’s say, your sales team runs behind the contact details to reach out to the prospect which is Step-1 for many businesses. A mist full of CRM provides functionality to capture some of those data from the open web. I believe this will be helpful for those Data Researchers. later on, they can sanitize the data or may do some corrections to those. So, it might be optional but an important feature in my list.

  • Data Analysis: Analysis of the gathered or mined data is a compelling feature for any scale of organization. Without a report data becomes worthless. Many leading CRMs comes with an inbuilt Business Intelligence mechanism. Depending upon the requirement leaders integrate 3rd party tools like Tableau, Power BI or Zoho Analytics for more and more advanced reports or MIS. However, basic reports in different types of charts are crucial.

C. Collaborative:

  • Seller - Buyer Interaction: This is self-explanatory. Proper interaction with a track record is useful for the sales team. During the evaluation, you should focus on the possible channels that can be integrated with the CRM. Email, Telephony and SMS are the major modes of communication and collaboration for a leading CRM.

  • Sales Channel Management: Leads or Raw Data converts into the business. So, you can include Lead Channels on top of your feature list. Here is a list of popular lead channels. Email, Call, Website, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Web Research, Referral, Seminar, Webinar, Advertisement etc. If you have a good marketing team, you can strengthen your lead flow to your Sales Pipeline and that ends up with a handsome revenue.

  • Activity Management: Activity Management does not mean only tracking the KPI of the sales rep, it includes self-help as well. A good CRM should remind the Sales People about upcoming or scheduled activities. Generally, people miss following up with their prospects on time, which is a major cause of losing business. Experienced Sales People consider this as the primary cause of “Leakage in Sales Pipeline”. So, the CRM should warn and notify the Sales Rep if he/ she fails to perform activities like calls, tasks or meetings etc.


In the current market, you will find several CRM software with Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid editions. My recommendation will be Cloud CRM Software. Once you start evaluating the CRM software for your organization, you can use THIS CALCULATOR. You can make a copy of the google spreadsheet and start putting the ratings over there depending upon the goals, objectives & budget of your organization. At the end of the table, you will find the Total Rating, which should help you out to choose the right CRM.

I hope this article will help you to select the right application within your budget. If you need my support, please feel free to let me know over a comment.

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