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Jan 20, 2022
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How long did the “stay at home” industry leads withdrawal actually last? the urban landscape of deserted streets? How long did it take to go out for a walk around the neighborhood, the consented stretching of thetake away , the option of the tables on the sidewalk of industry leads the bars, the variant of the continuity of the parks at two meters and in the open air, the return of the bicycle and the jog? Two months? Three? How many were those who, industry leads already in the summer, being able to go on vacation, preferred to give up doing so and remain cloistered in their homes? And how many of those who, not being industry leads able to travel, endured the summer season without going out for a drink, without sitting on a curb or a doorway, without gathering in a corner? However, circulates, and circulates with the intention of establishing itself, an extremely assertive version about the entire year locked up . There is even an extra large industry leads version: the one that alleges that "they kept us locked up for a year and a half." Lies should not be dismissed, however notorious they may be, and less so in times like these, in industry leads which they have gained more impunity than ever. Will such a false memory industry leads become established and remain? One that will make us remember, that with the certainty of what we have experienced, we will remember what we have not really lived: a whole year (just one or a year and a half) stuck in industry leads our own homes, subjected to the harshest confinement, a whole year? without leaning out and without going out, secluded in a private space, without a city or streets or squares, a lifetime under a industry leads roof or between four walls, a life without an outside? If such a false memory were to come about and settle in spite of everything,


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